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When the Woman You Love Has Breast Cancer

When the Woman You Love Has Breast Cancer by Larry T. Eiler provides you with ways of dealing with the emotional strain throughout the process of diagnosis to recovery.

"This book can help you prevent cancer from metastasizing to your marriage or relationship. Every man can benefit from the lessons Larry Eiler had to learn."
Bernie S. Siegel, M.D. Surgeon and teacher at Yahle University and author of the best-selling Love, Medicine & Miracles.

"This helpful, comprehensive book contains a roadmap to help all men who try to support and understand the woman with breast cancer. It is written sensitively and practically by a courageous man. Indeed a gift! It could save many a relationship."
Ingrid Deininger, R.N., M.S. Administrator, Individualized Home Nursing Care and Hospice.

"When you learn that your wife has breast cancer, you feel isolated, alone, frightened, and confused. You are uncertain what to say, what to express, what to tell your friends and children. This book focuses on all of those feelings - the emotional issues men encounter."
David F. Keren, M.D. Medical Director, Warde Medical Laboratory.

The cover illustration is symbolic of the communication that men must develop with the women they love who have breast cancer. It is designed to show a close relationship in which the man can serve as both an empathic listener and an active partner in helping a woman.